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All of us are different and it is our aim to make sure that we have mix and match options to suit and flatter your own particular shape. In order to help you make the right decision you will be given fitting and style tips when you select each item. In this section you can choose your particular shape and identify the styles to look at and the ones to stay away from. If you have any questions on fitting or styles please telephone us on 0207 5263070 or email us for informal fitting advice.

Top Guide

Small Cup Sizes

  • Stay away from plain halters as these can be flattening
  • Stick to moulded bras, like the Moulded Tris, Twisted Bandeau and Booster which give shape
  • The moulded Tris have subtle moulding in the cups so are perfect for those who don't like padding but want some shape
  • The Halter Tris, V-wire Bandeau and Bond Bra also work well for smaller cups if you are not after 'Boosting'
  • If you are the classic Triangle shape make use of the prints, decorative detailing and ruched effect on the top half to draw attention upwards

B-C Cup Sizes

  • Most of the tops from our collection will work perfectly for these cup sizes but stay away from the V-wire Bandeau and Booster Bras if you are a C cup
  • Like with the small cup-sizes, if you are pearshaped use the decorative details, prints and ruched effect to bring the eye upwards
  • You can try mixing patterned tops with plain bottoms to bring attention upwards

D/DD & E Cup Sizes

At last you don't have to go up 3 sizes of bikini to get the right bust fit. We have introduced a great choice of D/DD cups in our collection which are working for people really well. Most tie at the back so you can get the perfect back fit. The D/DD also works for E cups too—if you need advice please call us.

  • Those of you who are bigger on top than below, use the detailing in the pants to balance top and bottom
  • Forget any moulding, you are the lucky ones who don't need it
  • The wide straps not only flatter your shoulders but give better support
  • (If you are an E cup and you can't find what you are looking for in our separates, please contact us as we may be able to order it in for you)

Tummy Coverage/Tankinis

For those of you with a bit of tummy wobble, try one of the very flattering Tankinis which give bust support and lift but fall softly round the tummy to hide our imperfections. The overall look is much more flattering than a one piece and the added bonus is, while noone's watching, you can roll them up and get a tanned tummy!

  • Smaller cup sizes should stick to singlets with cups or moulding
  • Those with bigger hips mix with plain bottoms to minimise the pear shape effect
  • DD cups you will find enough support with the cupped singlets but you may need to go up a size

Pant Guide

We offer a range of different style of pants as we all have different needs and worries. Specific fitting advice can be found with each individual product but here are some guidelines:

Small Hips

  • Small Hips work well in most of our pants as you are the lucky ones
  • If you want to make your hips look bigger (!) Tie-Sides are a good option as they have the tie detail at the side
  • The Retro Pant works well as this is cut low on the leg and straight across the hip
  • Looking for the 'Kate Moss' look go for the hipster tie pants (remember these are skimpy and not all of us are Kate Moss!)

Bigger Hips

  • Go up a size in the Retro Pant for a slghtly less clingy fit (remember our bikinis do not bag like others so don't rely on them stretching)
  • Belted Pants are very flattering as they break up the pant
  • Tie Pants can cut out the bulge
  • The New Sash Band Pant is higher on the leg and is very flattering as it has a soft sash which can be worn around the hips or higher
  • Tie a Sarong round the hips—our short mesh sarongs cover the bulges and add the elegance of your beachwear

Tummy Coverage

  • If you are looking for tummy support and coverage try the Sash Band Pant or Banded Pants
  • If you want complete tummy coverage mix with a Tankini and create the all in one look.
  • Again, use the light mesh sarongs/Kaftans to cover the bulges!

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