Seafolly prides itself on being a leading force in international swimwear, and is the top Australian designer brand for women's swimwear, beachwear and resortwear. At Coco Bay, we believe Seafolly bikini and swimsuit fits are some of the best in the market (and we've seen a lot!)  Many of our customers agree as they are completely hooked to this designer beachwear brand.

As one of the main Seafolly UK suppliers we offer a huge choice of Seafolly's mix and match bikini styles, swimsuits and beach accessories to ensure you find the perfect beachwear. Seafolly sizing does tend to come up small so most of our customers tend to upsize, don't take it personally it's them not you!

Seafolly Bikinis - 5 Things you should Know.

All you need to know about Seafolly.

1. Who are Seafolly? Seafolly is Australia's largest bikini brand with flagships stores located in Australia, United States and Singapore. It originally founded by the Halas family in 1975. Since then, it has gone on to be a leading force in international swimwear design.

2. Why should I buy Seafolly Bikinis? When it comes to bikinis (and we have tried A LOT!), one brand we come back to time and time again is Seafolly. They always seem to be one step ahead with their stylish designs, quality fabrics and flattering fit. Being an Australian brand, they are about a sunny and active lifestyle and the bikinis are made to really fit and flatter real women. Once you have tried Seafolly, it is hard not to become hooked.

3. How Should I Care For My Seafolly Bikini? Seafolly bikinis should be hand washed in cold water, please do not put them in the washing machine! We love Soak Bikini Wash, it’s such a handy product which allows you to soak your bikini for 10 minutes (with no need to RINSE!!) and your bikini will be magically protected from the harsh effects of chlorine, salt and sunshine (which are bad news for the lifespan of your bikini). With proper care a Seafolly bikini will last for holiday after holiday. The colours are designed to stay vibrant and the elastic fabric will stay tight. Therefore when buying your seafolly bikini, don’t allow for any sagging… as they won’t!

4. How do I know my size in a Seafolly Bikini? The Seafolly sizing can be very much on the small size, especially the bottoms so be very generous. We know it can be off-putting if you find you need to upsize (sometimes even 2 sizes), but remember it's not you it's the swimwear! Cut the label out and forget about it.

5. Are Seafolly Bikinis Worth The Money? In a word, yes! We truly believe you get what you pay for when it comes to swimwear. Buying cheap swimwear is always false economy. Seafolly bikinis will keep their shape and colour and will stand the test of time. Plus the fabrics and the shapes will help you feel amazing (which is always worth the money!).

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