Acheiving Wellness

Why everyone is talking about ‘Wellness’ this Autumn

Lifestyle blogger Gabrielle explains what it’s all about and how we can acheive it!

As Autumn approaches, the sofa calls and after a summer of Rosé and indulgence we all battle with our conscience… However this Autumn is not about punishing yourself with gruelling workouts. The focus is ‘Wellness’ and encouraging us to look after ourselves by being kind. Read on to meet Lifestyle Blogger Gabrielle aka A Glass of Ice who shows us how it’s done… Gabrielle wears Body Glove Activewear

Put the emphasis on ‘Well Being’

“The past few years have seen a huge shift towards encouraging people to look after themselves. We’re a generation made up of those creating, working, analysing and pushing forwards – but with that comes a certain responsibility to truly take care of ourselves and making choices towards a healthy and fulfilling life.”

Gabrielle wears Seafolly Sahara Nights Activewear Leggings and top

Become a little stronger every day

“Having fallen down the rabbit hole of all things wellness-related, I can see now how exercise isn’t about punishing yourself to see how much you can take.  Instead, it’s a form of improving and almost treating your body.”

Gabrielle wars the Body Glove Heather Hooded Top

Reset your fitness goals

“With the cosy, feel-good vibes of October just round the corner, it’s the time of year we begin retreating indoors. This makes it one of the best months of the year to kick things up a notch.  With so many events and celebrations being just around the corner (as well as a new year!), there’s plenty of reason to reset your fitness goals, kick yourself into action and end the year on a high!”

Gabrielle Wears the Indian summer Leggings by Seafolly

Invest in some new activewear

“I really do find this has the added bonus of motivating you to train harderand it’s always fun to look around for a few new pieces to add to your activewear wardrobe.  In my case, having shied away from patterned leggings for years, I’m now a convert thanks to these Seafolly Aztec beauties – such a fun way of adding some ‘sparkle’ to an otherwise hot-and-sweaty workout!”

Gabrielle wears Mandala Leggings and Bralette by Seafolly

Lessons learnt

“Last summer I pushed myself way too hard at the gym and ended up knackering my body in the process.  The trick is to listen to your body and keep your health in mind. Stretching, strengthening and relaxing your muscles are just as important as working them. Try to think of keeping active as a treat for our bodies… and noone said it can’t also be a treat for the eyes!”

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