what colours suit me?

What colours suit me? A guide to finding flattering swimwear colours

Have you ever wondered what colours suit you? Which colours suit a cool, warm or dark skin tone? And how do you know what skin tone you are?

We have teamed up with expert colour colour consultant Jules Standish otherwise known as ‘The Colour Counsellor’. As well as running her own consultancy service Jules gives talks, runs events and offers colour styling. She is also best selling author to both “How NOT to Wear Black” and more recently “The Essential Guide to Mindful Dressing”.

In this feature, Jules shows us how to identify your skin tone and how to find the best colours of swimwear to suit you, plus she let’s us all in on how choosing swimwear to compliment your skin tone can really make you feel great on your holiday!

What is my Skintone?

Summer Cool Skintones:

  • Have a blue/pink undertone
  • Complexion will be light and rather colourless
  • Tend not to tan well
  • Look best in pastel shades

Winter Cool Skintones:

  • Can either be light or dark skinned
  • Have no high colour on your face
  • May have an unusual or distinctive look
  • You will look fabulous in black

Spring Warm Skintones:

  • Could have an underlying yellow or gold skin tone
  • Tendency to blush and or have rosy cheeks
  • Might be very fair skinned
  • Could also be dark with skin that tans well

Autumn Warm Skintones:

  • Never have a rosy cheek
  • Have a gold undertones in their skin
  • Can have a bronze appearance to the complexion
  • Do not look good with black up against the face

Dark Skintones:

  • Are African, West Indian, Asian, Oriental or Latin tones
  • May be able to wear darker shades of colours

If you would like a personalised in depth colour consultation from Jules, you can find out more about her and get in touch here.

What colours suit my skintone?

Now you have an idea of how to find your skin tone, it’s time to find out what which colours suit you. We’ll take a closer look at each of 2019’s most popular swimwear colours and Jules will help us understand how these colours can effect our moods and which colours will look the best for your particular skin tone.

Olive Colour Swimwear:

Great for: Autumn Warm Skin Tones
Also Suits: Spring Tones

Jules says:“Green represents balance and harmony, growth and renewal and springs you into action so it’s a fab one for exploring new avenues in far away places on holiday!  This dark olive shade of green belongs to the Autumn warm golden skinned palette, as its rich and earthy and the autumn skin tends to tan into a dark gold.  However, if spring tones want to wear it they can put it with bright coloured kaftans or cover ups, whilst the cooler tones can put white with it or a pale pink which would look fab! 

a model wearing an olive colour bikini
This Seafolly Olive Bikini will really suit an Autumn Warm skin tone

Red Colour Swimwear:

Great for: Everyone!

Jules says: This is a HOT shade of red, suiting all skin tones, although pale Summers may prefer pink.  Red releases adrenaline and propels us into action so it’s a great colour to wear to get noticed on the beach and get swimming, or play volleyball in.  Red is also the colour of love and romance so also a good choice for going on holiday with a partner or family.  This colour being so strong is good to be mixed with black or white to allow the red shade to really shine, or combine with blues/greens if more colour needed!

a model wearing a red colour bikini
This Seafolly Chilli Red Bikini will suit most skin tones which is great news because we love it!

Indigo Colour Swimwear:

Great for: Winter Cool Skin Tones
Also Suits: Warmer Spring and Autumn Tones

Jules Says: “Winter cool skins particularly suit this shade, so can team with fuchsia pink, electric blue, bright white, icy yellow.  Blue is the colour of calm and tranquillity, so for those in need of a restful holiday choose blue. It releases the hormone oxytocin which pacifies the nervous system so lots of relaxation comes from this colour.  For warmer skin tones, springs can mix with bright yellows and oranges, with autumns going for golds and teals, rich oranges and reds.”

a model wearing an indigo colour bikini
The Indigo Bikini by Seafolly makes a perfect choice for Winter Cool Skin Tones

Pink Coloured Swimwear:

Great for: Summers and Winters
Also Suits: Spring Skin Tones

Jules Says: “Fun loving, vibrant, dynamic pink! For summers and winters who also look hot in pink, they can team with whites and blacks and navy.  For Springs anything else bright is fabulous and Autumns team with beige straw hat, metallic golds and teals.  For all skin tones, combine this pink with turquoise its really wow.  Pink is the colour of compassion and love so a great colour for a romantic break.”

a model wearing a pink colour bikini
The Seafolly Persian Pink Bikini looks really lovely on a Summer or Winter Skin Tone

Black Coloured Swimwear:

Great for: Winter Skin Tones
Also Suits: Anyone (as long as it is worn away from the face)

Jules Says: “Winter again.  This is THE only skin tone that totally rocks black as its cool, cool, cool.  However, every woman loves to wear black on the beach due to the fact they believe it to be slimming – as this colour is away from the face, its good to go for all skin tones, however it is the winter woman with the very pale or very dark skin that really looks the best.  The others can wear it and just bring other colour into the mix in a hat, or cover up or shoes! Bright yellow, green, turquoise, red, orange, that’s the thing about black – it’s a back drop for every other colour, as it isn’t really one on its own so it showcases anything put with it.  Black is chic and elegant and easy to combine with holiday outfits so a winner for many reasons!”

a model wearing a black colour bikini
This Black Seafolly Bikini really suits a pale Winter Skin tone.

White Coloured Swimwear:

Great for: Everyone!

Jules Says: “Everyone loves to wear white in the sunshine and its fabulous in any beachwear because it reflects all other colours.  Most people associate white with positivity and optimism which are wonderful ways to enjoy your holiday or anytime in the sunshine.  White is a refreshing choice allowing us to forget about all our woes leave them behind and enjoy space and clarity.  Of course ANY colour goes with white and that’s part of its central place in any girls holiday wardrobe! Its SO versatile.”

a model in a white colour bikini
Every skin tone will looks great in this White Seafolly Bikini

Aqua Coloured Swimwear:

Great for: Everyone!

Jules Says: “Aqua can be tailored for all skin tones.  It’s a mix of blues and greens, youthful, playful and fun loving, as well as being calming and restful.  Combining the cool qualities of blue and the balance of green, a fabulous colour choice that mixes beautifully with pinks, yellows and darker shades of blue.  Metallics in either silver or gold suit aqua too.”

a model wearing an aqua colour bikini
This Seafolly Aqua Bikini will really look good with all skin tones

Orange Coloured Swimwear:

Great for: Warm Skin tones
Also Suits: Cooler Skin tones

Jules Says: “Happy, optimistic, sociable orange!  Be daring and feel confident on your travels in warm, glorious orange.  This colour is stimulating and active and encourages great adventures too.  Perfect for warm skin tones, and combined with all blues for colour harmony and bringing a sense of cool to the heat of orange.  For the cooler skin tones its best to wear this with neutrals like black/grey/navy or white and for those ‘colour clashers’ out there team it with hot pink if you are feeling super brave.”

a model in a orange colour bikini
This Banana Moon Orange Bikini will suit a warmer skin tone

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Which colour will you choose?

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