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Top tips to keep your hair looking great in the heat!

Lizzee is back to help us all keep our cool while holidaying in the heat:

Part Two: Hair

by Lizzee Leedham

One of the benefits of the tropics is that your skin, hair and nails all seem to be in better condition than in dry, cold climates. It even seems that hair and nails grow faster. That’s not always a relief if you’re spending weeks in a bikini, hence the obligatory pre-holiday waxing sessions. Don’t forget to take a pair of tweezers. Hair seems twice as visible in the sunshine so the balcony of your room is the best impromptu grooming parlour you could ask for.

During the day, simple up-dos such as messy buns or a ponytail accented with single plaits will keep the hair off your neck. Keep back a heavy fringe with wrap-around braids or a handful of grips and some flower accessories. Create a simple, pretty and stylish look at the beach or pool by simply accepting a bit of natural frizz! It will look unfussy, on-trend and even better after a dip.

To tame the frizz, keeping hair moisturised is the best way forward. Hair which tends to be lank in mild climates will probably look shiny and perfect in the heat. A little Baptiste Dry Shampoo (I love the pineapple-scented tropical one!) will be enough to keep the roots looking fresh. Dry hair will benefit from a hair serum or Healthy Sexy Hair’s Mini Soy Tri-wheat leave-in conditioner.

Lightened hair should be given lots of extra protection from the sun which can be merciless when combined with salt water. Bringing a hair mask gives your hair much-needed nourishment you’ll need at least twice a week. Forgotten those? Using a little coconut oil can keep dry ends from splitting and keep things smooth as well as keeping skin moisturised – just don’t use it on your skin out in the sun or you’ll find yourself covered in sand, bugs and cooking in the heat!

After sunset, it’s possible to wear hair down without feeling like you’re wearing a woollen scarf, however, curling and straightening can have unpredictable effects in the heat. Straightened hair curls while curled hair falls. A full- or half-up look will be more comfortable and will tend to look good despite the added humidity.

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