swimwear trends 2019

Swimwear Trends 2019

It’s the Swimwear Trends edit for 2019, and these are not just for the A-Listers. We are bringing you the very best of 2019’s most flattering and wearable swimwear trends. So choose from the very best one shoulder bikinis, plunge neck swimsuits, cross strap bikini tops, high leg bikinis and Brazilian bikini pants plus the new Seafolly ruched V bandeau bikini. There no inhibitions allowed here… so all you need to do is decide which of these swimwear trends you’ll be wearing to the beach this year.

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Going Behind the Scenes on our Beachwear Photoshoot 

Plus our Review of Simpson Travel’s The Korsan Kuzey Villa, Kalkan When looking for the perfect location for a photoshoot, we always have a fairly hefty list of requirements. Of course we need to find somewhere picturesque, blue sea and bright sandy beaches are at the top of the wish list. We also need to factor in where the light will be at certain times of day as well as where and when the sun sets at different times of year. Practicalities of multiple outfit changes and a venue for hair and makeup need to be taken into account plus excessive heat and high winds can all prove challenging (not to mention the dreaded rain!)  Coco Bay are big fans of Simpson Travel and after a very successful photoshoot earlier this year at one of their spectacular villas in Kalkan we were keen to return. We enlisted their help once again and loved their suggestion of using The Korsan Kuzey, a spectacular hillside villa set amongst the wild olive groves which surround Kalkan. With it’s Infinity pool, grand style architecture, pretty terraced gardens and private access to the sea, we felt sure that this would present the perfect back drop to the shoot and we couldn’t wait to be there!

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seafolly bikinis

Seafolly New Bikini Styles are Here

It’s no secret that Coco Bay are huge fans of Seafolly Bikinis. The top selling Australian Swimwear brand who are well known for their amazing fit and superior quality. Having all personally tried and tested their designs time and time again, we can vouch for the fact that these are the bikinis that will fit, flatter and also last. Many of our customers are Seafolly addicts and are totally hooked on this top designer brand. When any member of the Coco Bay team packs for their holiday you know we’ll be taking a Seafolly bikini or two away with us! Formally known as the Seafolly Goddess Bikini collection, Seafolly’s plain swimwear have recently been re-branded as simply the ‘Seafolly’ collection. Being at the forefront of swimwear innovation, Seafolly are constantly working on developing their offering and have recently introduced a whole range of new styles. We take a closer look at some of the newest, most flattering and supportive styles which we know you are going to LOVE! 

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Seafolly sale 2016

Summer Sale – Top picks from Team Coco Bay

It’s Summer sale time again and there is so much lovely designer beachwear and swimwear collections now reduced at Coco Bay. The team found they had a hard job when they put their heads together to choose their stand out pieces from the 2016 sale. Our advice – if you see something you like, get it now as once these are gone, they are gone!

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watercult globe trotter swimsuit

Welcoming Watercult to Coco Bay

Swimwear brand Watercult arrives at Coco Bay. It’s always exciting to discover a new swimwear brand. The buyers at Coco Bay are constantly on the look out for stand out products that tick all of our stringent boxes. The Coco Bay promise is to sell only high quality items that will fit, flatter and withstand the test of time. Finding these extra-special brands isn’t always that straight forward.

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Photoshoot Diary – The Tamarind, Barbados

The countdown to the bikini photoshoot is always a mix of chaos and excitement as we start putting together the new collections and then desperately try and call in samples from all over the world including Seafolly, Moontide and our manufacturers in Hong Kong and India. We then keep fingers very crossed and pray to the fedex god that they will arrive in time so we actually have some bikinis and beachwear accessories to shoot when we get there! This year has been no different on the chaos front but the stress was far outweighed by the excitement of the shoot location. This was due to our our new partnership with Elegant Hotels who offered to host the shoot in one of their beautiful resorts, The Tamarind, in Barbados. Elegant Hotels have a unique collection of luxury properties and resorts beautifully situated in the island of Barbados and we couldn’t imagine a better backdrop to show off the new collections. For all of us it was our first time in Barbados and there was always a slight fear that it wouldn’t live up to the picture postcard expectations but these were totally surpassed as we arrived at our destination for the week, The stunning Tamarind Hotel. Set on the west coast, this hotel offered everything and more – aqua waters, white sands, serene outdoor spaces and a unique friendly atmostphere that combines the island’s informal relaxed spirit with an understated efficiency and service of a 5* hotel. We were in paradise and it was time to remind ourselves that we were there to work (even harder after the delicious welcome rum cocktail!). Day 1: After a much needed sleep we were all raring to go at 4.00 a.m. and used the day to recky the resort. Finding picturesque backdrops was not going to be a problem as we were spoilt for choice. We not only had the beautiful Tamarind but also another of Elegant’s hotels next door, The House, an exclusive boutique hotel which also offers style and serenity in abundance. All we needed now was the sun to keep shining which is the one element of a photoshoot that you can’t control but can make or break it. We were re-assured by the GM of The House who looked at the satellite forecast for us and came back with the sweet words – ‘its going to be fine’. Things were looking good. The final bit of the jigsaw fell in to place when our gorgeous model, Erin, arrived from Miami looking fresh faced, stunning and ready for the challenge ahead (crew instantly felt mortal and regretted dairy milk fix at airport on route!). Day 2. Up at 5 and mad scrabble to get everything ready before the day kicked off. Delicious breakfast but one thing missing – the sun!!! ‘It’s coming’, we were told by one of the staff at breakfast in their beautiful Barbadian lilt that makes you instantly relax and wonder why you were ever worried in the first place. ‘Its coming’ ….. and as if on cue as we started to shoot the sun turned up and we were away. We were briefly distracted when we found a baby turtle on the beach that had got disorientated so we put him nearer the sea. It was amazing to see this tiny creature discovering the water for the first time and heading in to the huge ocean – very humbling. Time though to get on with the task in hand and keep shooting. Great shot after great shot was taken but, as is always the way on day 1 when you are shooting in a new location, new light and with a new model , it takes a while for everyone to get in sinc and we ended up the day behind schedule. Day 3: Early start again and with a big task ahead to make up the shortfall from the day before and finish the shoot. Today, no weather worries, the sun made a prompt appearance, as did our stylist to make sure that Erin was made up, styled and ready to go for 7.30 start and so off we went. We worked with a new urgency (so inappropriate for the relaxed nature of our surroundings) and our photographer, model and video producer worked without a breather and kept going until there was no more light left. We were so nearly there but hadn’t quite got through the schedule and you can’t stop the sun going to bed. It did, however, certainly make up for it by retiring in most magificent style and giving us one of the most stunning sun-sets we have seen. Time for a rum coctail! Day 4: Just a few stories left to shoot and a very limited time to do them as Erin was booked to fly home after lunch so it was again an early start. Spirits were high as the end was in sight and we raced through the final collections merrily. It was then sadly time to wave off Erin as she headed back to Miami and then find a nice cold beer and sit down for the first time in days. Day 5: A day off and what a place to spend it. We finally got the chance to enjoy the beautiful surroundings of The Tamarind and get in to the relaxed spirit of the place. The turquoise waters had been teasing us all week and now it was time to enjoy them so we set off with our snorkels to see what lay beneath. Little did we know what a treat was in store because there just meters off the hotel beach we came across turtles in abundance. Life doesn’t get any better than swimming with wild turtles in warm aqua waters of Barbados – the gruelling schedule of the previous week and run-up to the shoot became a distant memory at that very moment. Day 6: After a relaxed morning on the beach, it was time to reluctantly tear ourselves away and pack up our kit and head to the airport. It was very wrenching to leave our little piece of paradise and all the lovely staff at The Tamarind who had been so helpful and friendly. My only regret was that we didn’t have more time to explore the island of Barbados during our stay but that is just a good excuse to come back again soon to make the most of all the wonderful things that this island has to offer. We would like to thank Elegant Hotels and all the staff at The Tamarind and The House for making our stay so successful and looking after us so well. We look forward to returning soon. You can find more about these gorgeous hotels at www.eleganthotels.com and also read our review of the hotels in our Travel section.

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