Terrace at Alto di Pinarello Corsica

Holiday Dilemmas – Simpson Travel to the Rescue

Our Co-Founder, Belinda Robinson, faces new holiday dilemmas and enlists the help of the experts from Simpson Travel to help

What kind of holiday planner are you?

  1. Predictable – You have found the perfect holiday and you go back to the same place regularly
  2. Planner – You like to go to different destinations and you book months in advance
  3. Easily led – Friends come up with a suggestion which sounds fun and someone else is organising it so you enthusiastically say ‘you’re in’.
  4. Adventurer – You know where you want to go but nothing is planned and you make it up as you go along
  5. Spontaneous – Nothing is planned, you just go where the wind blows you.
  6. Last Minute Bargain Hunter – You’ve planned the time off and you are not too choosy about where you go
  7. Disorganised – You know what you want but you don’t get your act together until everything is booked. The result being you end up going somewhere you have never wanted to go!
  8. Indecisive: You have no idea where or what you want to do!

Having spent the last 15 years working in beachwear,  I have always felt I should be a bit more savvy at holiday booking. I am rather envious of the aforementioned ‘Predictables’ and ‘Planners’ for their lack of in-decision but secretly I still aspire to be an ‘Adventurer’ or ‘Spontaneous’. Unfortunately, however, life rarely allows that freedom and the reality is that I have definitely slipped rather firmly into the ‘Disorganised’ sector (usually combined with a little bit of ‘Indecision’’)

Up until now this has never been a problem as I have always been travelling out of season. I have been able to leave it all to the last moment. Things now have changed, however, as my little boy has started school so my usual tactics no longer work.

Not only have I become a ‘peak-time traveller’ but suddenly the chilled toddler is now five and feisty.  As a result priorities have changed and I have this summer found myself in unfamiliar territory. With no idea of what to do and no time to trawl the internet for ideas, I realised that it was time to ask the experts. Off I went armed with my wish list to the experts at Simpson Travel who had come to my rescue a few years previously when we had our first holiday with a small toddler in tow.


  • Destination – easily pleased – anywhere pretty and not too resorty within a couple of hour’s flight. I adore Greece and we have had some wonderful holidays but felt we should explore pastures new.
  • We are a social family but also like to retreat. Therefore looking for somewhere where the accommodation is self-contained and independent but there would be other families around. A shared pool would be good so our little boy can potentially make some friends (which would perhaps mean I could pick up a book!).
  • Self-catering accommodation as fussy five year old still exists on toast and the odd sausage!
  • Ideally two bedroomed accommodation with a pretty terrace or balcony so we can eat out some evenings when the little one is asleep and pretend we are out for dinner!
  • Easy walking distance to village or some restaurants. Ideal for when we are feeling too lazy to cook and want to soak up the local atmosphere.
  • Easy walking/driving distance to a nice child friendly beach
  • Places to explore as although I would be quite happy to lie on a sun-lounger for 2 weeks with a good book, my partner and 5 year old would not!

As usual the team at Simpson Travel went above and beyond expectations. They came back with three great sounding suggestions tailored exactly to what I was looking for. Their expertise about their destinations is so detailed so that they can literally walk you through the locations and give you the pros and cons (if there are any) to every property.


Alto Di Pinarello – Corsica

Alto de Pinarello - Simpson Travel

This appealed as I have always loved the idea of going to Corsica. Alto di Pinarello seemed to tick all the boxes with self catering, shared pool and the private terrace to retreat to. The beach also looked perfect with its soft sand and shallow seas ideal for a five year old who still hasn’t got his water confidence. There are bars and restaurants down by the beach. Also, having spoken to the helpful Travel adviser at Simpson, she talked me through the area and it sounded like a perfect base from which to explore Corsica from.

Korsan Suites, Kalkan Turkey

Korsan Suites, Kalkan with Simpson Travel

Overlooking Kalkan Bay, these suites looked stunning. Gorgeous terraces with sea views and their own private Jacuzzi (very spoil). I love the concept of ‘ApartHotel’ – the convenience of self-catering but with breakfasts and a welcome meal laid on.  Having just done our photoshoot in Kalkan, I certainly wanted to go back for more so this was a definite contender.

Avithos Beach Estate, Kefalonia

Avithos Beach Resort - Simpson Travel

Kefalonia is such a beautiful island and Simpson’s Avithos Beach Estate is a two minute walk from one of its most stunning beaches. What is not to love about this accommodation. It’s a short walk to beachside Tavernas and although this is a more a Simpson Hotel than Apartments, there are some suites that have a fully-equipped kitchenette. You can therefore combine the convenience of a hotel (including a buffet breakfast) with the flexibility of self catering.


3 Recommendations with first hand advice and each one a winner. I was totally sold so now it was time to book and therefore a decision was needed. I would have been completely happy with either of these choices but I couldn’t do all three and had to get on with it as they were nearly booked out (probably by the aforementioned more organized holiday bookers!). It was time to commit!


For me the thing that swayed it was location. Neither of us have been to Corsica before so I loved the idea of exploring somewhere new plus Alto Di Piniero just looked so well situated to get to the beach, restaurants and lovely views from the apartments with the hills in the distance. Therefore I decided this year, we would go to Corsica. I am already mentally sitting in this terrace with a glass of something chilled – I can’t wait!

Terrace at Alto di Pinarello Corsica


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