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Mousses Villas, Lefkada Review – Simpson Travel

Coco Bay Co-Founder Belinda Robinson writes about her recent trip with Simpson Travel to Mousses Villas, Lefkada, Greece

I have always loved Greece and have visited many of its islands. It’s picturesque beauty has also made a spectacular setting for a couple of our photoshoots and I was desperate to return but wasn’t quite sure where to go and what to do. The holiday tick list has significantly changed with the arrival of our son and I was a little apprehensive that it might not quite have the same appeal with a demanding 2 year old in tow!

Lefkada, Greece with Simpson Travel

However, Google would soon come to the rescue. ‘Holidays in Greece with toddlers’ was my search and I soon came across Mousses Villas in Lefkada from Simpson Travel which seemed to provide everything on my wishlist – just to name a few:

Self catering – key with a toddler who eats a couple of crumbs a day and has a dining repertoire of fishfingers, toast and… more toast.

Catering – Mousses has a pretty bar and taverna on-site and you can even order food to your villas which is ideal in the evenings. It means that you can put your baby to bed, sit on your pretty terrace, light a candle, listen to the cicadas and pretend you are out for dinner.

Mousses Villas, Lefkada Review
The Terrace

A Creche!!! It has been a busy year and I have to admit that the thought of incorporating a little relax time ie. finding a comfortable sun lounger and reading a book was very appealing. I also knew that my son would love a little social time so crèche seemed a win/win option. We could book him in for 4 mornings per week plus one evening.

The kit – we are still getting used to parenthood and are never quite prepared for every eventuality so it was very relaxing to think that someone else had  done just that and the villas were totally child proofed and had everything you could possibly need plus more.

Mousses Villas, Lefkada, Greece
Our Villa

Shared Pool – I loved the idea of having a private pool but realised that with a small non swimmer that would create a whole new alert level which I just didn’t think I would be very good at. Therefore the thought of a gated shared pool was ideal – this turned out to be a very peaceful retreat during the mornings when the kids were playing in the crèche and a great place for him to learn to swim (with the competitive need to keep up with the other kids)

Mousses Villas, Lefkada
The shared pool

Social – we quite often holiday with friends but had come to the conclusion this summer that it was probably not the best idea with a 2-year-old child.  Also, having our own businesses means family time is very sacred and usually a bit of a juggling act so the treat of being away from the normal commitments and being spontaneous was high on our agenda. We are, however, quite social and didn’t want to be totally isolated (how ironic – read on!) and liked the idea of Mousses which offered a great balance of being independent but with people and other kids around.

a) I was initially a little concerned about the location. I had never heard of Lefkada but it didn’t take long to do a bit of on-line exploring and realise that this was one of Greece’s best kept secrets. 

b) I was a little concerned that Mousses wasn’t in walking distance to anywhere (this didn’t turn out to be a problem in the slightest).

Lefkada Town 5 minutes drive from Mousses
Lefkada Town 5 minutes drive from Mousses

Having found what seemed like the perfect solution to our new found ‘toddler friendly holiday’ dilemma, I rang Simpson Travel with a list of questions and was greeted with a first hand knowledge of the accommodation and the island. The result – holiday booked. In fact I managed to persuade myself to  book 2 weeks instead of 1 (patted myself on the back for that decision once we were there).

On arrival in Lefkada we were greeted by the friendly Mousses team and our hire car was waiting – no queues, just quick and easy and within 20 minutes we were at Mousses which certainly didn’t disappoint. The pool beckoned and so did a nice cold beer in the pretty poolside taverna – we were soon in holiday mode.

The Taverna at Mousses Villas
The Taverna at Mousses Villas

The villa was perfect and the crèche was a very professional set-up. Our little boy was embraced by the great English team working there so he was happy and we found that long awaited sun lounger and I picked up a book for the first time in a couple of years – happy days!

Day 3, however, we had a bit of a snag as our little boy came down with chicken pox! There is never a good moment to get chicken pox but in a communal resort we soon realised that this was going to significantly change the whole plan for the holiday. It was, however, handled brilliantly by the Managers and the Creche Manager who couldn’t have done more to make the situation easier for us. We obviously were not allowed in any of the communal areas which was sad for us and our little boy who was loving the pool and crèche but we were re-located to another villa (which was luckily vacant that week) with its own pool.

Mousses Villas, Lefkada
Our Convalescense Villa

As soon as he was up and running (but still in quarantine) we decided to explore the island and we were spoilt for choice. I won’t write about all the amazing places we saw now (perhaps a subject for another blog) but we both totally fell in love with this island, beaches and locals. Out of all the beautiful Greek Islands I have been to, Lefkada wins the prize.

The spotty Boy
The spotty Boy

Yes the chicken pox wasn’t the ideal scenario on holiday but, without it, we probably would have done more lying round the pool and would have missed out on some of the wonderful places we saw and experiences we had.

Would I go back there? – like a shot!

lefkada, Greece

I would like to say a very big thank you to Simpson Travel, the Managers at Mousses Villas, Paul and Suzanne, and the Creche Manager, Natasha, who were so welcoming, helpful and kind to us during our stay. They all went above and beyond to make our stay so happy and look after our little boy during his illness – we will be back!

For more information on Mousses Villas, visit Simpson Travel

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