The Lux Maldives Experience – Bikini Photoshoot

Lux Maldives
Lux* Maldives – Behind the Scenes at the 2015 Bikini Photoshoot

Coco Bay Co-Founder, Belinda Robinson, gives us the low down on the 2015 photoshoot at Lux* Maldives.

You would have thought by now that we would be well practiced at the pre-photoshoot drill but each year it seems to start earlier and take longer as the collections get bigger and the task in hand more challenging! The result – we are on our knees before we even start taking the pictures and this year even more so having also just launched a brand new website and back office system.
I don’t even remember the 8 hour flight, I think I was out by the opening credits of the first film of my carefully selected line up and the next thing I knew I was being nudged by a rather grumpy air hostess to get ready for landing.

In all the preparation we were so pre-occupied by samples turning up on time and schedules that we had not had much time to get excited about the venue and it wasn’t until we stepped off the flight that the wonderful reality hit home – We were in the Maldives and we were heading back to Lux* Maldives.

Lux* Maldives awaits
Lux* Maldives awaits

It had been a very easy decision for us to decide to return to this little piece of Paradise for the second year running but there is always a slight part of you that worries when somewhere is that special that it might fail to make the same impact the second time round. However, as we were welcomed off the Seaplane we knew there was no chance of that.

Lux Maldives - It really does look this good!
Lux Maldives – It really does look this good!

Once again we were blown away by the beauty, tranquillity and authentic luxury that Lux Maldives has in abundance and this time it was somehow even more special as we felt like the island was welcoming us back with open arms as we shed our shoes and felt the soft white sand bringing our feet back to life.

The one downside about being fortunate enough to be in one of the most beautiful places on the planet on a work trip is to remember that you are there to actually do some work and we had plenty of it (35 swimwear collections to shoot to be exact). We were also starting a day early as the weather forecast for the end of the week wasn’t looking so good so we had to hit the ground running. However, being familiar with the island and spoilt for stunning photo opportunities, meant that we were able to dive straight in without our normal prep day.

Coco Bay Director's Breakfast Meeting
Coco Bay Director’s Breakfast Meeting

For us, the photoshoot is always a really exciting time as it is the first time we see our bikini and beachwear collections come to life. Up until then, we have only seen them in showrooms and it is always a slightly nervy moment when we see them again in the flesh in case we are disappointed. This year, however, everything was even better than we had remembered. The swimwear designers Seafolly, Banana Moon and Baku had certainly excelled themselves for the 2015 bikini collections and our beautiful Australian model, Cassie, showcased all the bikinis and kaftans beautifully.

Seafolly kaftans
Seafolly Kaftans laid out for the Morning Session

Photoshoots always sound much more glamourous than the reality which in our case was a really intense and challenging work schedule in 90+ degrees and nearly 100% humidity but this year’s shoot was one of the most enjoyable I have done – a great team and lots of giggles and, of course, the most perfect venue.

Coco Bay Photoshoot 2015
The backdrop

Lux Maldives has something very special that you can’t quite put your finger on. Obviously it ticks all the luxury boxes that you would expect from a 5* resort in the Maldives and it is also fortunate to be in one of the most beautiful settings that I have ever seen but there is more to it than that. This resort goes the extra mile in everything it does – from the little understated touches (ie. secret bars and messages in the bottles that you might by chance stumble across), the warm and personal service and the stunning accommodation. The Lux slogan ‘Lighter, Brighter’ which actually made us giggle at first, is lived and breathed and when you take away the ‘management’ speak, this is really about a happiness and humour that this resort has on tap.

Thank you Lux*

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