Going Behind the Scenes on our Beachwear Photoshoot 

Plus our Review of Simpson Travel’s The Korsan Kuzey Villa, Kalkan

When looking for the perfect location for a photoshoot, we always have a fairly hefty list of requirements. Of course we need to find somewhere picturesque, blue sea and bright sandy beaches are at the top of the wish list. We also need to factor in where the light will be at certain times of day as well as where and when the sun sets at different times of year. Practicalities of multiple outfit changes and a venue for hair and makeup need to be taken into account plus excessive heat and high winds can all prove challenging (not to mention the dreaded rain!) 

Coco Bay are big fans of Simpson Travel and after a very successful photoshoot earlier this year at one of their spectacular villas in Kalkan we were keen to return. We enlisted their help once again and loved their suggestion of using The Korsan Kuzey, a spectacular hillside villa set amongst the wild olive groves which surround Kalkan. With it’s Infinity pool, grand style architecture, pretty terraced gardens and private access to the sea, we felt sure that this would present the perfect back drop to the shoot and we couldn’t wait to be there!

Kalkan, Turkey
Hello Kalkan, it’s good to be back.

Hello Kalkan!

On arrival in Turkey, after an easy 90 minute transfer from Dalaman airport we certainly weren’t disappointed. Our precious baggage containing all the samples needed for the shoot had arrived safely (always cause for celebration!) and we were all feeling really rather excited for the week that lay ahead. 

First things first however, it was time to concentrate on the less exciting task of the ironing… (Note, photoshoots aren’t all about the glamour!) Having tightly packed all of our samples over a three person baggage allowance, all of the new beachwear collections needed to be given a little love in order to look their best come their turn to be photographed. But hey, this is ironing with the most incredible view of blue sea and the stunning Turkish mountains, no-one here was complaining! 

Coco Bay Photoshoot
Not a bad spot to set up the Coco Bay Office for the week!

That evening we were joined at The Korsan Kuzey by our Hair and Make-up Artist Faith, along with model for the week Barbara Rodiles. Both were suitably impressed with the accommodation, and of course those amazing views!! There are 5 equally sized bedrooms at The Korsan Kuzey, (two doubles and three which can be double or twin) all with beautiful sea views and various access to balconies and terraces. You could easily sleep 10 at the property for the week without getting in anyone’s way. It’s well equipped from cooking facilities down to the TV/ X-box plus terrace with a pool table and table football. (If only we weren’t here to work!!) 

Photoshoot Underway

The next few days did involve some early starts as we had a lot to get through. The blow of the alarm was always softened by sunshine filled breakfasts on the terrace with such glorious sea views. Barbara was then swiftly whisked off to hair and make-up as it usually takes around 90 minutes to get a model ‘camera ready’. (It’s worth noting for the benefit of us mere mortals, there really is no such thing as ‘just born with it’!) 

Coco Bay swimwear collections
Barbara looking fab and expertly showing off the latest swimwear collections!

It was then full steam ahead with the strict photoshoot schedule that we’d spent the last few weeks putting together. Coco Bay Director / Shoot Director Belinda is never far away from her trusty clipboard and keeping Co-Director (and photographer/twin sister) Anna on her toes with all the new beachwear collections we were there to capture. 

As a swimwear retailer we love offering the flexibility of a mix and match bikini, but what with bandeaus, wrap fronts, triangles, bralettes, DD cups, halters… (the list goes on) there were many swift outfit changes to get through as different combinations were photographed.  There is always a slight underlying feeling of panic that we’ll run out of time and not return to the UK with the pictures we need. We are therefore all very keen to keep things moving and have to overcome the urge to jump into that infinity pool which looked so very tempting…!

Simpson Travel's Korsan Kuzey
The incredibly tempting infinity pool! Yes, Simpson Travel found us the perfect back drop once again!

Off to the Beach

Patara beach
Off to Patara beach where we shot a lot of our current beachwear collections.

We decided to shoot some of the collections at the nearby beach of Patara. It’s about a 20 minute drive from Kalkan and provides a huge stretch of golden sand with clear blue seas. We easily found a quiet spot and all agreed it would be a great beach for a family holiday. There is a small cafe and wash room facilities as well as a lifeguard patrol in the summer. We also noticed information about the Sea Turtle conservation program at the beach run by Medasset who gave advice about where not to sunbathe in order to not disturb the nesting areas. It looks like there is still a lot more that could be done to protect the turtles in Turkey and if you are visiting Patara beach, do take the time to read this information and ensure you aren’t interfering with any of the local wildlife. 

Patara Beach, Kalkan
Barbara enjoying the view at Patara Beach!

Relaxed Evenings

We didn’t really feel the need to leave the villa in the evenings as we were enjoying the surroundings so much.  We were happy to discover the delivery service provided by local restaurant The Korsan Meze and enjoyed delicious meals like Turkish kebabs, meatballs and traditional meze while sitting around the huge outdoor dining table at the Korsan Kuzey. In the evening the Korsan Kuzey looks just as stunning as the day, we watched endless beautiful sunsets then eventually turned on the pretty ambient lights to enjoy our evenings outdoors. 

Time to leave…

The week flew by, the sun Kindly shined for us every day, and we were very pleased to tick everything off our list… Before we knew it the day had come to pack up our (rather large) bags and (very reluctantly) leave The Korsan Kuzey. We’d heard about storms back in the UK and weren’t quite ready to leave the balmy October sunshine of Turkey and return to the on-set of the British winter!! 

We spent our last few precious hours of our stay exploring the town of Kalkan and hunting for souvenirs. Kalkan is a beautiful place with a friendly and relaxed feel, there are pretty white-washed streets to wander and no shortage of venues to stop for food and drinks. 

Kalkan Old Town
Kalkan is a pretty town with lots to explore

We want to say a huge thank you to Simpson Travel for once again helping us find the perfect venue and for their staff out in Kalkan for looking after us so well during our stay.

Coco Bay Photoshoot ‘Quick Summary’ !

3363 photographs taken 

6 hours of video footage shot

72 outfit changes

34 make-up brushes used

63 litres of water drunk

5 kilos of fresh cherries eaten

7 glorious sunsets watched

(and possibly a couple of bottles of wine drunk) – well… it would have been rude not to with that view to enjoy!

The Korsan Kuzey
The Korsan Kuzey – what an amazing place!

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