Coco Bay Co-Founder Belinda Robinson’s Holiday Suitcase Essentials

What is my key to successful packing? Making sure that every item that earns a place in the suitcase is guaranteed to work hard for you while you are away. By picking versatile and co-ordinating pieces, you don’t have to take as much but can end up having many more options.  No ‘what to wear’ dilemmas on holiday = more time to relax, which is exactly what I plan to do! Armed with my my own advice, here are a few of the key pieces that will certainly be earning a place in the suitcase this Summer:

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beach make up

5 Tips for Beach-Ready Makeup

We all want to look effortlessly flawless when you hit the beach, but if you’re haunted by visions of sliding foundation and smudged mascara, you are not alone! We spoke to the professionals over at Fragrance Direct to discover their top tips for achieving perfect, beach-ready makeup. Armed with their expert advice, you’ll own holiday beauty. Here are the five things you need to know…

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Banana Moon New 2018 Swimwear Collections

Introducing two new stunning bikini collections by one of our very favourite swimwear brands Banana Moon. The Paraiso bikini perfectly channels the botanical trend with visions of the bird of paradise flower along a palm lined beach. While the Chinca bikini collection is a timeless turquoise print reminiscent of the endless Californian Summer.

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the best designer swimsuits

6 of the Best Designer Swimsuits

The one-piece swimsuit is having a moment, and we can certainly see why with so many accessible and stunning designs in the offering. In recent months we have definitely seen a rise in sales for the one-peice and our collection of fashionable, elegant swimsuits are proving to be a hit. Swimwear designers are no longer seeing the one-piece as having to be practical or offering coverage for the body-conscious and we are seeing ladies of all ages are opting for a full swimsuits with flattering cuts, fabulous prints and beautiful embellishments.

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beach hair

Top tips to keep your hair looking great in the heat!

Lizzee is back to help us all keep our cool while holidaying in the heat: Part Two: Hair by Lizzee Leedham One of the benefits of the tropics is that your skin, hair and nails all seem to be in better condition than in dry, cold climates. It even seems that hair and nails grow faster. That’s not always a relief if you’re spending weeks in a bikini, hence the obligatory pre-holiday waxing sessions. Don’t forget to take a pair of tweezers. Hair seems twice as visible in the sunshine so the balcony of your room is the best impromptu grooming parlour you could ask for.

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How to look Model Chic

Beauty and the Beach: How to Look Model Chic in the Tropics

If the post Christmas back to work slump is making you want to head for some winter warmth, you certainly aren’t alone. Tropical destinations such as the Caribbean and Indian Islands, Thailand, Cambodia and other parts of Asia, are increasingly popular at this time of year and can provide us sun starved Brits a welcome slice of paradise. Of course we all want to look our best on our hols but the humidity found around the equator can play havoc on anyones regular beauty routine and your hairstyle can end up a flop.. or a frizz!

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Coco Bay Baydress Sarrong

The Baydress is Back!

By popular demand the Baydress is back! With brand new styles for 2016, it’s now even more beautiful than before… We first sold our Baydress a couple of years ago and are pleased to welcome it back again – just in time for Summer!

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how to find swimwear for your body shape

Find the right swimwear for your body shape

How to Buy the Perfect Swimwear: We Reveal our Insider Secrets! Many of us feel that finding the right Swimwear for your body shape can be a daunting task. Yes, we’re counting down the days to that upcoming holiday, but the thought of shedding our clothes to go semi naked in public can be a rather scary thought! Fear not – Coco Bay’s handy guide on how you can lose or gain optical pounds, inches and cup-sizes in al the right places is here to help. All you need to do is select the right swimwear for your body shape – just trust us!

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