Manuel Antonio costa rica

Your favourite spot for a holiday sundowner!

Ah the ‘holiday sundowner’.. It’s what we dream about while slogging away those long hours at your desk or doing the housework.. You just can’t beat watching a beautiful sunset beer, cocktail or cool glass of wine in hand.. all the stresses of every day life are instantly taken care of!!

We asked you to share with us your favourite spot for a holiday sundower – and we’ve loved hearing your responses and seeing your fabulous holiday snaps. Here are a few of our favourites:

Casurina Beach in The Grenadines

Nicola Fry says:

“Watching the sun go down from Casurina beach in the grenadines the most beautiful view whatever time of day, calm serene nothing to be seen except the sun moon and stars.”

CB says:

“What a beautiful picture! – Thank you so much for sharing, this looks like such a special place.”


The Lone Star Restaurant, Alleynes Bay, Barbados

Angela Yeates says:

“Lone star, Barbados”

CB says:

“Angela! We couldn’t agree more, we were at the Lone Star a few weeks back for a post photoshoot celebration meal. An absolutely stunning place.”


Fisherman’s Village, Koh Samui, Thailand

Mandy Smeed says:

“Drinks at Fisherman’s Village, Koh Samui as the sun goes down”

CB says:

“Wow, Mandy what a lovely picture. It’s making us wish we were there watching the beautiful sunset”

fishermens village koi-samui
Fisherman’s Village on Koi-samui Island, Thailand

The Maldives, Indian Ocean

Lara Sammal says:

“The Maldives, most beautiful place in the world”

CB says:

“We agree Lara, the Maldives are incredible and a perfect spot for a Sundowner!”

The Maldives
The Maldives – Island paradise 

Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

Jill Finch says:

“Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica…… can’t wait to go back!”

CB says:

“Wow Jill, we can see why – Costa Rica is now officially on CB’s travel wishlist!”

Manuel Antonio costa rica
Sunset in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

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