The swimsuit V's Bikini Debate

Bikini V’s Swimsuit. The Big Debate!

With the recent rise in popularity of the swimsuit we are seeing more and more women opt for a one-piece over their usual holiday bikini. This opens us up to the big bikini v’s swimsuit debate! Are you team bikini or team swimsuit? And do you really need to choose?

Swimsuit Pros:

Many women (and even die hard bikini fans) are admitting to being ‘one-piece converts’. Due to the current trend for swimsuits it means the choice of styles, colours and prints is bigger and better than ever.

There are many reasons you might choose a swimsuit over a bikini. If you are planning on taking part in activities such as swimming, volleyball or jet-skiing then a one-piece can be a great choice. If you are holidaying with smaller children then a swimming costume may suit you better simply due to the amount of carrying, running, playing in the sea or sand that you are likely to be doing. (Oh to lie un-interrupted on a sun lounger!)

You might feel happier in a swimming costume in you are feeling self conscious of your stomach and a lot of swimsuits do have some great tummy control. But don’t just choose a one-piece for practical reasons as a swimsuit can look ultra chic and sophisticated. There is definitely nothing frumpy about wearing a swimming costume and the more fashionable styles will work really well for a day out to a beach bar or beach club.

Swimsuit V's Bikini
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Bikini Pros:

The bikini remains hugely popular even with stiff competition from the swimsuit. Although we cannot deny it can be intimidating, there is something very liberating about going on your holiday and bearing your body parts that will otherwise stay tucked up for most of the year! Tanning potential is vastly increased by wearing a bikini, and while we always encourage safe and sensible tanning, giving your tummy some time in the sunshine for a healthy glow can make you feel great.

Bikinis tend to dry quicker than a swimsuit after your dip in the pool or sea. They can also prove to be a practical choice due to the number of different top and bottom styles available which includes the chance to mix and match. If you are looking for a little extra boost, support or shaping, there will be a bikini top for you. Adjustable tie sided bottoms, roll tops and belted bikini bottom styles all help you to make the most of your best bits.

Many people (wrongly!) believe that there is some kind of age cut off for when you should be expected to move graciously over from bikini to one-piece. This is rubbish of course and we all have the right to wear what we like for as long as we want without having to worry about what other people think.

Bikini V's Swimsuit: Which would you choose?
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Bikini V’s Swimsuit: The conclusion!

So if you are asking if there is a winner, bikini or swimsuit? It would be like asking us to pick a favourite child. We just can’t do it, if you find the one-piece is right for you then great, if you just can’t choose, you just don’t have to. We believe you can’t take just one piece of swimwear on your holiday and investing in a few really good quality pieces that will last really is worth it. Then simply choose your swimwear based on your plans, your mood or the rest of your outfit. Try not to worry about what anyone else thinks and go for the style that makes you feel the best.

Need help finding the right swimwear?

Coco Bay’s aim is to help all women find the swimwear that makes them feel great. If you would like some advise, there are handy fitting tips on all of our products. We also have swimwear fitting experts on hand to give you friendly first hand advice to find the right style for you. Pleas email us or call us 020 7526 3070 and we will be very happy to help.

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