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Beauty and the Beach: How to Look Model Chic in the Tropics

If the post Christmas back to work slump is making you want to head for some winter warmth, you certainly aren’t alone. Tropical destinations such as the Caribbean and Indian Islands, Thailand, Cambodia and other parts of Asia, are increasingly popular at this time of year and can provide us sun starved Brits a welcome slice of paradise. Of course we all want to look our best on our hols but the humidity found around the equator can play havoc on anyones regular beauty routine and your hairstyle can end up a flop.. or a frizz!

Although we may not all find ourselves being following around by a make-up artist armed with a fan and a parasol (yes this really happens on our photoshoots in order to keep our models looking their best!) We do have another secret weapon: girl in the know, blogger Lizzee Leedham who is on-hand to give us her top tips on how to stay model-chic in the tropics. Lizzee lives, works and now blogs for Coco Bay from the beautiful Island of Praslin in the Seychelles so is no stranger on how to keep her cool in the heat!

In the first part of her ‘Beauty and the Beach‘ series for Coco Bay, Lizzee gives us her best advise for keeping your skin looking fabulous whist enjoying your well earned break in tropical paradise…

Lizzee lives, works, blogs (and stays beautiful!) from the Seychelles. Hair styling by Bethany Jane Davies

Part One: Skincare

by Lizzee Leedham

One of the joys of leaving a wintery climate behind is the lack of moisturising. In my UK handbag I usually carry at all times lip balm, hand lotion, moisturiser, elbow lotion and emergency Vaseline and apply each about a thousand times a day. In the humidity, your skin will feel beautifully moist, your wrinkles seem to disappear and every cuticle is supple. Does this mean freedom from the tyranny of heavy handbags? Well, a bit.

Instead of lotion after your morning shower, use sunscreen all over. Make sure to bring different factors for different body parts and a good UV lip protector. The sun’s effects can seem less harsh with a sea breeze, the natural moisture in the air and the strength of the sun near the equator so our internal sense of when to reapply can be a little off. Spending time snorkelling, hiking or cruising on boats, perhaps combined with a drink of something sweet from a coconut at sundown, contribute to the likelihood of lobster-skin.

Applying sunscreen first thing in the morning is vital. Factor thirty or fifteen for your body and thirty to fifty for your face, neck and bust. Remember that any scars or tattoos should be covered with factor 50 because that skin is more sensitive. If you hit the beach or enjoy an outdoor walk, carrying larger bottles for reapplication during the day is a must. Even if you think you’ll be out of the sun, simply enjoying a trip to the local market or spontaneous dinner on the veranda is a pleasure the sun shouldn’t stop.

After a long day, soothe your skin with an aloe vera-based after sun lotion. This will ease any sensitivity from prolonged time in the sun (and we’ve all made that mistake) as well feeling lovely and cool if it’s been kept refrigerated. Clinique’s After Sun Rescue Balm is wonderful.

A good moisturiser is still necessary, more so in the sun! Bio Lotion moisturiser works well as a night cream to repair the day’s wrinkles. Finding a UV-protecting day moisturiser which won’t turn your foundation to gloop is trickier than you’d think. Kiehl’s Ultra Light UV Defense Sunscreen works for all skin types and is light enough to apply and then immediately begin your make up.

Packing light? Forget bringing an exfoliant. The natural exfoliant of sand will keep your skin fresh and while on the beach can even be rubbed onto your bumpy areas to help break down cellulite which is a welcome tip for most!.

Lastly don’t forget your trusty sun hat, a vital accessory when visiting the Tropics. Coco Bay have a fabulous selection, you can’t go wrong with a classic Fedora style and I love this Seafolly Sun Hat.

Unfortunately we can’t all have a make-up artist to to shade us from the sun and touch up our make-up on demand! Thanks Faith – you do a grand job!

Do let us know if you have any fail-safe skincare hacks for the heat – and don’t forget to check back for Lizzee’s 2nd part which lets us in on some of her top make-up tips.

Happy Hols, CBx

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