About Coco Bay

As 80% of our holiday is spent beaching, we all dream of swimwear that really fits in colours and styles that make those first few self-conscious days on the beach more comfortable.

Coco Bay was born of such dreams. Tired of the soul destroying misery of the annual hunt for swimwear (which seems to take more time than the holiday itself), we (my two sisters and I) decided to set up a mail order beachwear company that could provide sophisticated, well cut beachwear that not only looked great on the model but actually flattered 'real people'.

We started by trying on a myriad of beachwear on obliging friends of all different shapes and sizes and started singling out the top designer swimwear brands. 10 years on and we have just won the award for Best On-line Swimwear so hopefully that means we are getting something right.

We now feel very confident that our collection really has something for everyone. A few carefully chosen pieces will enhance your figure and create a versatile beachwardrobe. If you are unsure, our in-depth knowledge of all the pieces in our collection (all the styles are tried and tested) means that we can offer first hand style and fitting advice so please call or email us for advice on which styles will suit your figure.

Happy Browsing - your holiday starts here!



From Co-Founders Belinda Robinson and Anna Roscoe

and the rest of the team at Coco Bay ..... where summer never ends


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