Choosing Post-Mastectomy Swimwear: A Recommendation

We were keen to share this review from one of our customers who has recently been through a mastectomy and breast reconstruction. We hope that it brings inspiration to all women who have gone through the trauma and frightening times of breast cancer and surgery.  Bikini shopping is daunting at the best of times, but planning your holiday beachwear after breast surgery is even more daunting as where do you start?  Our customer was not ready to accept that her bikini days were over, so we sent her a selection of different styles to try and hope that her feedback will be helpful to ladies in a similar position. 

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rose alexandar

Recommended Read: Under An Amber Sky by Rose Alexander

The promise of a Summer holiday brings the chance to relax with a book. We’re lucky enough to have met best-selling author Rose Alexander, whose second book, Under An Amber Sky, was published in May. Here, she talks to us about what inspires her writing – plus she has given us her favourite beachwear picks from Coco Bay.

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kikoy towels uk stockist

Kikoy Towels – New at Coco Bay

A Kikoy (or Kikoi) towel is a traditional African wrap or sarong.  Typically a rectangular shaped piece of woven cotton, originating from the East Coat of Africa and in particular Kenya.  Historically a Kikoy was a piece of clothing for Men worn in the hot African climate. They have now evolved into a truly versatile accessory used the world over, often used for trips to the beach, swimming pool, sauna etc…

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My Bank Holiday Heatwave…

Planning anything this weekend? Temperatures are soaring and here at Coco Bay, Vicky, one of our Buyers, has pulled together her favourite pieces to take you through the heatwave… Destination : The Beach… Be it Brighton Beach, Fistral Bay or Camber Sands, British beaches are some of the most beautiful in the world. I’ll be quickly painting my toes, I’m currently loving ‘Endless Summer’ from Australian brand, Beach Toes. Grabbing my favourite Seafolly Towel, that doubles up as a beach blanket, and heading down to the sand to enjoy the sun…

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beachwear inspiration

Colour Themed Packing Ideas for your Spring Break Getaway

Spring is here and we can’t stop thinking of blue skies and beautiful beaches – and what we are going to be wearing on our holidays this year! With the Easter break coming up what better time to tempt you with our five colour themed holiday wardrobe ideas combining stunning bikinis, summer beach dresses, cover-ups, kaftans and fun accessories from our favourite beachwear brands.  All designed to perfect your packing by minimising on suitcase space and maximising on style!

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Seafolly Vintage Wildflower

Vintage Wildflower Swimwear collection by Seafolly

We love the arrival of a new swimwear collection, especially when it’s as good as this one. The Vintage Wildflower collection by Seafolly is a classic floral print in a range of mix and max swimwear styles. Seafolly have called the print a ‘reimagined vintage floral’ and describe it as ‘bringing balmy nights and lazy days to life’. The design is so fun and feminine with it’s pretty aqua blue background and splashes of bright coral and pink, we know this will be the stand out choice for swimwear this summer. Many of the styles are also reversible to reveal a fun candy stripe.

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beach hair

Top tips to keep your hair looking great in the heat!

Lizzee is back to help us all keep our cool while holidaying in the heat: Part Two: Hair by Lizzee Leedham One of the benefits of the tropics is that your skin, hair and nails all seem to be in better condition than in dry, cold climates. It even seems that hair and nails grow faster. That’s not always a relief if you’re spending weeks in a bikini, hence the obligatory pre-holiday waxing sessions. Don’t forget to take a pair of tweezers. Hair seems twice as visible in the sunshine so the balcony of your room is the best impromptu grooming parlour you could ask for.

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Belu Bergagna model

Belu Bergagna Models for Coco Bay

Our most recent photoshoot saw Team CB returning (rather eagerly!) to the beautiful Caribbean Island of Barbados. We were incredibly lucky to work with Argentinian born model Belu Bergagna. The quest to find that perfect face and ‘just born with it’ figure for a Coco Bay photoshoot isn’t always an easy task, but we were delighted to find Belu who fitted the bill 100%. Throughout the week Belu was an absolute pro, and despite the soaring temperates, tropical storms, endless outfit changes and long hours she continued to look amazing, work really hard and we are really very proud of our 2017 campaign imagery.

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How to look Model Chic

Beauty and the Beach: How to Look Model Chic in the Tropics

If the post Christmas back to work slump is making you want to head for some winter warmth, you certainly aren’t alone. Tropical destinations such as the Caribbean and Indian Islands, Thailand, Cambodia and other parts of Asia, are increasingly popular at this time of year and can provide us sun starved Brits a welcome slice of paradise. Of course we all want to look our best on our hols but the humidity found around the equator can play havoc on anyones regular beauty routine and your hairstyle can end up a flop.. or a frizz!

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